Wedding Sparkler Send-off Tips

Wedding Sparkler Send-off Tips

July 5, 2017 / AnnMarie Kuecher

Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

How to pull-off a Sparkler send-off!

To create those Pinterest worthy pictures you will need the right kind of sparklers. Here's a quick budget alert before you start stocking up on day after 4th of July sparklers although they are great, keep in mind they are short and burn out quickly!

It is very important to invest in quality sparklers to create your desired effect. The length and quality of the sparklers will determine the length of time you will have to capture that perfect moment. The typical 4th of July sparklers will not allow ample timing to get all guest lit and send the couple down the aisle before sparklers begin to burn out.

To ensure that this is a shining moment it's best to use 20 to 36 inch sparklers this allows for all guests a chance to light up and start sparkling before the happy couple makes their way through the tunnel. I highly recommend the 36 inch sparklers this allows for both extra safety and time. The 36 inch sparklers provide you with 4-minutes of burn time allowing for a successful sparkler send-off for the shinning newlyweds!

Spread the Love

Light the way by making sure you have enough lighters to help speed the process of guest lighting the sparklers quickly. One lighter won't get the job done in time, purchase a package of lighters to start multiple sparklers then have each person share their flame with their neighbors.

Making the Moment

It's your moment to shine, take your time walking through the tunnel. Feel free to stop in the middle and pose for the camera. This is great moment to give each other a big smooch! Plan ahead with your photographer so you know that within your 2 to 4 minutes of burn time you make the most out of this photo opportunity. Lastly, be sure to have a metal bucket or trash can for guests to dispose of their sparklers properly after they have burned down.

Wedding Sparklers - $72.00
Dazzle your wedding guests with these wedding sparklers. Whether you are throwing a summer wedding or planning a winter wedding, these wedding sparklers are sure to bring the right amount of spark to your big day. These wedding sparklers come in 3 lengths: 10", 20" and 36".
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The newlyweds step out into the crisp night...and are greeted with a rousing round of cheers and the bright, sparkling glow of heart shaped wedding sparklers!



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