The Posh Event Wedding & Event Planning FAQS

Q: Can I hire the Posh Event and be involved in the process?

A: Yes, absolutely our best weddings & events are inspired by your vision, style and personality. This is your Posh Event and having your input is huge to the overall success.

Q: When is the best time to hire the Posh Event?

A: It's really never too late or early, we recommend that you hire the Posh Event planners as soon as you get engaged, and before you select your venue or vendors. However, we have been hired by couples that already had their venue and selected their vendors.

Q: How do you determine your fees?

A: We offer an initial consultation at No Charge, as we all become acquainted. Our fees are reflective of our experience in the industry as well as the quality of experience that we provide for our clients. Our Wedding & Event Planning services are based on a flat rate.

Q: Who from the Posh Event will attend my event?

A: A Certified Event Planner will be present at all times. AnnMarie F. Kuecher, CWEP will arrive at your designated venue prior to the event necessary to coordinate and organize vendor set-up and stay until the all the venue requirements have been completed and satisfied.

Q: What attire will the planner wear at my event?

A: Your Certified wedding/event planner will always be dressed professionally (special requested will be taken into consideration).

Q: I want to hire The Posh Event what do “I Do”?

A: Yay!! Congratulations on your decision,  contact us so we can schedule your initial client consultation and start planning your special event today!

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